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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prince Rupert to Juneau, Alaska


Boarded the Taku Ferry using the Sea Alaska Pass (allows one to hop on , hop off at 3 ports from Prince Rupert to Skagway) at 5:30 am. The Inside Passage was especially beautiful when going through the narrows. There was a 3 hr. layover in Ketchikan so I disembarked and did the tourist thing for few hours. The ferry left Wrangell after a brief 1 hr stop around 11:30 pm. This part of the journey is the most dangerous as the ferry has to navigate through narrow passages at night with many small islands in the middle of the passageway. There are multi-colored lights on both sides and on the islands in the middle. They are called the Christmas Lights. It was beautiful along the 72 mile trip but little scary. About ten of us stayed up until about 3am when we finished navigating the passage. Then slept on the floor in between the rows of seats until about 7 am. Cheaper than a cabin.

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