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Friday, July 22, 2011

Skagway, Alaska


Caught the 1 pm fast ferry to Skagway. Only a 40 minute ride but beautiful. Found the Skagway Home Hostel without too much trouble. Did not like the co-ed dorm so moved to the male dorm inside the owner's house. Much nicer and only $5 more. There are fewer than 1000 residents of Skagway but sometimes more than 10,000 tourists when 3-4 cruise ships arive at the same time. Skagway was the starting point for most that arrived for the Alaska Gold Rush. The town's main street is Broadway and most of the buildings have been preserved and leased out to jewelry stores, gift shops and restaurants. Went to the Bonanza Saloon to watch the Mavs beat the Heat. Great game but did not care for the $5.50 beer but do what you gotta do. Will be here 4 nights and then to Juneau for 6 days.

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