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Friday, July 15, 2011

Whittier to Seward


Arrived at Whittier at 7 am. The ferry ride was spectacular. Our shuttle to Seward was not until 1:30 pm as it was coming from Anchorage with other passengers in transit to Seward. We spent time basking in the sun at a restaurants back porch overlooking the bay until then and had a quick bite to eat. The tourists from Anchorage had also paid for a tour along with the transit so we benefited from that without having to pay. Several photo stops and a quick 30 minute visit to a park which had fenced moose, reindeer and bears. A little sad.

We arrived at Seward at 5 pm, checked in and took the free shuttle to Safeway for supplies. The weather was beautiful but looks like the rain will be arriving shortly. Seward is the launching area for trips to the Kenai Peninsula to see whales, seals and glaciers calving.

 There was a tsunami warning later in the night. Someone saw on the internet there had been a 7.4 earthquake near the Aleutian Islands and that there was a tsunami warning for the coast of Alaska. We are on the coast but not near the beach. A little higher up the hill. Then the sirens started announcing the tsunami warning. Things got tense and exciting but 5 minutes later the warning was canceled. Good nights sleep especially since  no snoring guys, luckily there are 4 women in the coed dorm.

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