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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ferry to Juneau and New Hostel


Early 7 am ferry to Juneau. We saw about 15 killer whales playing around, though not too close, and a couple of humpback whales. I think the ferry rides from town to town see as much whale action as the whale tours that are expensive. After arriving at the Juneau ferry terminal, 14 miles from town, decided to walk the two miles to the bus stop rather than paying $30 for taxi to Juneau. Beautiful day and saw an eagle in the tree along the road.Made it to the hostel at 4 pm but the hostel does not open until 5 pm.

I have never seen a hostel like this one. It is a beautiful large house and they only charge $10 per night for the dorm bed. You must sign up to do one chore a day to help keep costs down. You must leave at 9 am every morning and cannot get back in until 5 pm. (this is a lockout)  Many hostels have a lockout for a few hours to cleans but never seen one all day. A good way to make u get up and do something. Will either hike today or spend day in library posting many pictures I have to upload.

Juneau's scenery is BREATHTAKING. It is called "little San Francisco".

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